Ryan DeMenna

Ryan DeMenna is a Senior Associate with DeMenna & Associates. Joining the firm after serving as a member of the staff of the Arizona State Senate, he brings extensive experience in the legislative process, in the research and analysis of client issues, as well as direct support in the government relations, public affairs and lobbying needs of our clients. 

He served in various capacities on the Arizona State Senate’s nonpartisan Research Staff before joining DeMenna & Associates in 2008. While on Senate Staff, Ryan worked as the Assistant Analyst for the Senate Judiciary Committee and also as the Assistant Analyst for the Public Safety and Human Services Committee. During the 2008 Legislative Session, he served as the Research Analyst and primary staffer for the Senate Transportation Committee. 

During his time as a Senate staffer, Ryan provided professional, nonpartisan research and policy analysis for all members of the Senate. He researched and analyzed public policy issues, developed legislation on a broad array of areas, and identified potential fiscal impacts associated with proposed legislation. Ryan also tracked all legislation related to his subject areas, and presented his research and analysis to members of both the Senate and House of Representatives.

His experience at the Arizona State Senate has afforded him with a wide-ranging knowledge of the Arizona Legislature and its complex process.

Ryan is a 6th generation Arizonan. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Meagan, and their son, Dylan. He is a proud graduate of Brophy College Preparatory, and earned his degree in English from the University of Arizona. 

He has been around the legislative process his entire life, and plays a central role in assisting Kevin DeMenna with the needs of his clients.

To contact Ryan DeMenna, feel free to call 602.252.5155, or simply send an email to ryan@demenna.com