As Your Designated Lobbyists, the DeMenna Team Will…

·      Read every item of legislation during each legislative session to determine it’s potential impact on all levels to our client;

·      Monitor, track and provide updates on legislation with a direct or indirect impact on our client;

·      Assist in the drafting and development of proposed legislation;

·      Assist in the drafting of all proposed amendments and strikers to legislation impacting client;

·      Attend all legislative hearings and other meetings where the client’s designated issues may be under consideration, or where the interests of the client may be debated and discussed;

·      As needed, speak as an advocate for the interests of client on designated legislation at hearings;

·      Develop and maintain relations with key members of state and local government, the Arizona legislature and our client, as well as key legislative and executive branch staff, that directly influence legislation relevant to our client;

·      Work with our client to draft letters and documents that articulate the client’s position on various issues to be used as outreach with lawmakers and other elected officials;

·      Communicate to lawmakers and other appropriate agencies/persons, the client’s position on specific issues;

·      Assist the client in contacting and coordinating with Arizona’s Federal Congressional delegation; and

·      Review, track and report on all Executive Orders determined to be of interest to our client;

·      Assist the client staff with accessing state agency information related to relevant programs and services.